About Us

Rons Rug Cleaning: Melbourne’s Favourite Company For Rug Cleaning

Rons Rug Cleaning is renowned rug steam cleaning Melbourne company serving the city for over 20 years. Collaborating with highly-skilled rug cleaners, we cater to individual requirements with custom rug cleaning solutions. No matter how dirty or sticky your rug is, our professionals reinstate its former shine within an hour or two. 

We totally understand that different rugs need different cleaning techniques, and thus our experts start the process with an inspection. Determining the type and fabric of the rugs, we employ modern techniques and solutions to remove germs, bacteria, pollens, dust mites, and allergens from the rugs while not compromising on their fabric quality. We have served millions of customers in Melbourne and its surrounding. 

Services And Solutions That We Provide In Melbourne

With time, your rug catches dust, dirt, grease, allergen, etc., which can trigger several threatening diseases. We extend our helping hands to clean your rugs, sanitize them, and maintain hygiene within your home. Here are the services and solutions that we equip you with:

  • Our professional rug cleaners conduct a quick inspection to study your rug’s material and condition.
  • We use steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods to initiate the rug cleaning program. In it, we focus on stain removal, mould removal and deep cleaning. 
  • Our experts eradicate dirt, grime, grease, moulds, exterior contaminants, and odour using deep cleaning techniques. 
  • In the case of delicate fabrics, our professionals use dry cleaning techniques.
  • At the end of the cleaning program, we disinfect and deodorise the rugs with non-toxic solutions.

What Do We Do To Solve Your Problems?

Our rug cleaning Melbourne team adapts themselves with all the latest rotary tools and modern cleaning techniques to restore your rug’s former state. We know that a one-size-fits-all cleaning approach is not at all appropriate. Hence, we comprehend individual needs and fulfil them with our tailor-fit cleaning solutions. Client satisfaction is our top priority, hence we offer a follow-up service to ensure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 

Our Skills, Competence, And License 

When we say we are an industry-leading rug cleaning company with industry-expert team members, we actually mean it. Before joining our team, each member has to go through several industrial training and preparations. 

  • Our professionals are able to clean every type of rug, regardless of its materials or fabrics.
  • Rug cleaners at Rons Rug Cleaning are well-aware of handling advanced rug cleaning equipment.
  • Our experts possess IICRC certification and several years of experience in rug cleaning.

Why Do The People Of Melbourne Choose Us For Rug Cleaning?  

Our service quality, client-centric cleaning approach, and eco-friendly cleaning solution are what set us apart from the rest! Here are the top-notch reasons that compel the Melbourne people to choose us over our alternatives. 

  • Premium-quality rug cleaning service 
  • Hundreds of positive client feedback
  • Competitive pricing plan 
  • Licensed team 
  • An insured and bonded company 
  • Services adhere to the state law
  • Prompt service 
  • 24/7 availability 

Melbourne Wide Rug Cleaning Services

We take pride in serving our rug cleaning services to every nook and corner in Melbourne. In fact, we are currently serving the neighbouring areas and suburbs of Melbourne. Owing to our quality work and friendly behaviour, we are the number 1 choice of the Melbourne people.