Few Traditional Ways To Give Your Old Rugs A New Look 

Few Traditional Ways To Give Your Old Rugs A New Look 

Rugs are resilient and can last for many years. Rugs are tough and won’t deteriorate quickly. Nevertheless, due to regular use, most rugs get dusty. As a result, Rugs should be cleaned often. Many individuals employ rug wash cleaners in order to do the task efficiently. These services are not often accessible. The greatest rug repair and restoration procedures and techniques may be found online if you are looking for ways to give your old rugs a new look. Traditional techniques may be used to keep the rug in its original state for a long time. 

Here Are The Ways To Keep Your Rugs Clean 

Rugs that are spotless, smooth, and have a pleasant fragrance are frequently overlooked components of a living area. They’re not the showpiece of a room’s décor; they’re just there, going about their business every day. However, as a rug starts to seem less appealing, people start to notice it. Nothing may distract further from a home’s appearance than a worn-out and old rug. Unfortunately, it’s not often simple to replace a rug. Not only because of how expensive and complicated it is, hence you need to be forced to make the most of what you already have.

Here are some recommendations on how to revive your old rugs if a replacement isn’t currently in the cards. The following are the ways to give your old rugs a new look

1. Mild Vacuum

It’s crucial to vacuum rugs if you want them to be dust-free. But routine vacuuming operations will often harm the rugs. To remove the dust from the rugs, people frequently use a powerful vacuum cleaner. Rugs are made up of fragile fibres. If you use a powerful vacuum cleaner, the fabric will be harmed. Everyday essential cleaning duties like vacuuming is doable and plays a major role in keeping them clean. It is one of the best ways to give your old rugs a new look. This guarantees that the dust won’t build up and also aids in keeping your rugs clean.

2. Snags Should Be Cut Using Scissors

A rug might appear old and worn if there are rug snags and loose fibres. Fortunately, this issue can be solved pretty quickly by using one of the best ways to give your old rugs a new look. Simply use a pair of scissors to trim the frayed fibres as closely as you can to the base. Be careful not to cut any additional rug fibres or you risk having a lumpy, uneven rug that can be much more unsightly than the snags! No matter how lose the fibres appear to be, never pull them out because doing so risked further damaging the rug.

3. Eliminate Furniture-related Rug Dents

The appearance of a fine, smooth rug is diminished by indentations caused by the weight of the furniture. Nobody ought to know how you set up your furnishings! Therefore, Running the vacuum over any rug dents should be your first line of defence. This might perhaps be sufficient to aid the fibres in returning to their initial places, depending on how deep they are.

Tip: If removing the dents with a vacuum cleaner wasn’t effective enough, you may try setting some ice cubes on top of them and letting them melt in place. Even if it seems absurd, the coolness can assist in the fibres regaining their natural place and form. After the ice cubes have melted, blot out any extra moisture with a towel or sponge before lifting and fluffing the fibres using a tablespoon or your fingers.

4. Steam Treatment 

To return the indentations to their original state, you may also try steaming them. This is an ideal time to use your steam cleaner if you have one. If not, spread out a hand towel or slightly moist cloth before using a steam iron to cover the area. After that, keep the towel in place for around 15 minutes to let the moisture continue doing its job. Remove the cloth once the allotted 15 minutes have passed, and if required, puff up the fibres with your fingers or a spoon.

5. Employing a Rug Cleaner To Deep Clean Your Rug

Deep cleaning your rugs using an expert cleaner is the first step that you need to take if you’re significant about restoring the appearance of your rug. Whether you use it yourself or hire a professional, you need to shampoo your rug, which gives an instant and apparent change. Deep cleaning your rug will assist in getting rid of the grime that has been embedded there. This is going to maintain the cleanliness and decent condition of the rugs for several years while offering them a short-term makeover. 

In general, your rug has to be thoroughly cleaned twice a year. The frequency eventually depends on the number of people residing in your residence and also the foot movement your rugs experience.

6. Get Rid Of Musty Odour

Well, so this step might not affect the way the rug looks, but nothing casts a worse feeling than an abandoned, old and musty rug! As we’ve already mentioned, a rug cleaning should significantly improve the aromas that are still present in your rug. It can need various cleaning sessions if the rug really smells bad. Be certain that you choose a rug cleanser that specifically states that it can act as a deodorizer while you make your selection. Why invest in a rug that looks good if it doesn’t smell good?

Tip: Baking soda might be your ally once again if you’re searching for a more do-it-yourself way to get rid of rug odours. In order to clean the rug, sprinkling baking soda on it is ideal. Once it’s done, let it sit for an hour. After that, vacuum up the baking powder completely, this will aid in getting rid of the foul odour as well!


It is often better to reuse and make use of your old rugs by enhancing their look. This not only saves a few bucks but is also eco-friendly. Therefore, by following shared ways to give your old rugs a new look, you can restore your rugs’ look. Do follow this guide, if you ever plan to upgrade your old rugs. These methods can definitely help you in making your old rugs look better and improve their condition by getting rid of junk stuff.