Precautions To Take When Cleaning Your Old Carpet And Rug 

Precautions To Take When Cleaning Your Old Carpet And Rug 

Rugs and carpets are beautiful interior additions to both commercial and residential places as they contribute to overall indoor features. However, unlike other home decors, carpets and rugs face extreme traffic and footing over a long period of time. But by following precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug, your indoors become as neat as before. Some of the precautions are- to vacuum before cleaning, read the label instructions and follow the directions for mixing ingredients. To know more about precautions, keep reading the blog that listed all of them here. 

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Carpet And Rug While Cleaning 

  • Vacuuming Is Always The First Step

There are many precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug and the following are good for your belongings. One of those precautions is to vacuum the carpet and rug even before you start any DIY cleaning method. And this should be done with a standard vacuum cleaner. Because vacuum cleaner gets rid of soil particles, surface dirt, dust, pet dander and hair. Moreover, loosening soil particles and debris would further help the cleaning process to go smoothly. In fact, when a professional team cleans carpets and rugs, they make vacuuming cleaning a mandatory step; before steam cleaning, dry cleaning or any other cleaning methods. 

  • When A Product Is Used, First Read Label 

Oftentimes, people neglect to correctly follow some precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug. One of such important precautions to keep in mind before cleaning carpet and rug is to read the label instructions; of the product you purchased. Because different product manufacturers’ labels have different instructions and all of which should be followed accordingly. The cleaning product you use may be a pre-spray, a shampoo, a detergent or a post-spray that guarantees no residues. Some of the labels clearly state how to follow the product use in order to not agitate the carpet and rug fibres. Thus, do not skip this precaution to continue following others. 

  • If Chemical Agent Is Used, Remove Potential Residues

Also, make sure to remove potential residues left behind post-cleaning the carpets and rugs when chemical agents are used. If these precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug aren’t followed, then it destroys bonds between fibres. In fact, residues also cause disturbances in indoor air quality and the total indoor environment gets compromised. However, by removing these potential residues, no more compromising on the indoor environment. To remove the potential residues left behind, you can use a 10% of salt water solution on all those affected areas. Other than these, you can also use bicarbonate soda or any other mild detergents. 

  • Check For Possible Humidity 

Other precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug is to check for humidity levels and weather conditions before cleaning. If you neglect this precaution, then drying time takes longer than you expect it to. How does humidity affect rug and carpet cleaning? If the weather outside isn’t sunny, then the evaporation rate rapidly decreases. This, in turn, will take the drying time more than 12 hours (standard time) after the complete cleaning process. 

So, add “check for possible humidity” as one of the precautions even before you start cleaning carpets and rugs. The lower the humidity levels, the faster time it takes for rugs and carpets to get dry. 

  • Make Sure Mechanical Ventilation Is Proper

In favourable conditions, mould and mildew grow on carpets and rugs and one of those conditions is excess moisture level. In addition to this, dust mites also thrive to live in humid environments along with mildew and mould. Therefore, open windows and follow them as “precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug”. In fact, opening windows can give your home proper ventilation and helps you to prevent mould and mildew growth. A few other ways that help you reduce indoor moisture levels: 

  • Use fans, air-conditioning and dehumidifiers 
  • Exhaust fans can be used in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Prevent water evaporation by placing plants outdoors in your house. 
  • Follow The Directions For Mixing Ingredients

Regarding mixing ingredients in order to make a solution, you also have certain precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug. By following this precaution, you can avoid accidents of excess ingredient addition, which one to add first and which one later, etc. There is also the occurrence of the accidental making of stronger concentration solutions than recommended. 

Therefore, following the correct directions in order to prepare the right solution can bring everything in the right direction. In fact, stronger concentrated solutions don’t improve rug and carpet cleaning too. And may also lead to leaving behind soil residues. 

  • Furniture Should Be Placed Away 

In addition to following the above-mentioned precautions, you also have to make sure to follow another precaution. That is to place furniture away from carpet and rug while cleaning so as to not disturb the process of cleaning. In fact, if the furniture is placed on a carpet or rug before its drying time, then this causes dents in the fabric. And these dents along with moisture lead to the growth of mould and mildew which further leads to the emission of unusual odours. Also, when the furniture comes in contact with moisture for a longer time, then termites attack that place. Thus, make sure to follow this precaution prior to carpet and rug cleaning.


Over years, it was always professional rug cleaning that gives desirable results and resolves all your rug issues as they adopt cleaning methods. So, do not follow any more precautions to take when cleaning your old carpet and rug. Professional rug cleaners know how to provide prompt, well-timed, advanced and eco-friendly services. Who to trust if choosing a company for professional services? Look for those companies that have years of experience with lots of referrals, insured experts and licensed companies. Also, make sure that the company you are choosing has verified and certified local rug cleaners. So, do thorough online research before going for rug cleaning services!