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Canterbury’s High-Quality Rug Cleaning Team

Rons Rug Cleaning Melbourne specialises in breathing fresh air into your rugs and thus strives our best to make this a possibility in every project we accept. In fact, we follow implemented standards as well as customised rug cleaning Canterbury methods after inspecting your rugs. Oftentimes, rug inspection is what tells us which technique is suitable and safe to clean your rug and thus we always conduct inspections. Hence, inspection ensures your rugs are getting the right cleaning technique. 

Serving over the years, we understood the requirements and concerns of clients in Canterbury. Therefore, we make them our core values while offering both our residential and commercial clients the right rug cleaning services. Besides this, we are rated 5-star for our excellence, skills, professionalism and punctuality by most of our previous clients. This further extended our strong foothold in the industry. For quick inquiries, we are available on 03 6145 0135. Ping us today! 

Our Rug Cleaning Canterbury Services With Doorstep Accessibility

Steam Cleaning

Everything is going to be fine with your rug in the long run if you regularly avail of our rug steam cleaning service. Also, depending on the rug fabric type, level of dirt accumulated and size, we advise how regularly your rug needs steam cleaning. So, call us today to know if your rug needs monthly, quarterly or annual steam cleaning.  

Dry Cleaning

If you purely want to go with our rug dry cleaning service if the rug has been used for 3 months, then it’s a wise decision on your part. In fact, you just have to wait for 2 to 4 hours after we do dry cleaning for your rug and can use it back in no time. Moreover, you can book us for emergency rug dry cleaning service too.

Odour Removal

We have a couple of procedures to remove unpleasant odours from your rugs and the odours we usually remove are curry and cigarette smoke. So, if your rug emits any odours, wait no more to hire us for rug odour removal service. We are just a step away from your place!

Mould Removal

Mould on the rug contributes to the development of a disease like leukaemia in elderly people. Thus, if you do not want to take a chance with such a thing, do avail of our rug mould removal service and prevent such diseases from arising. In fact, immediate mould removal can stop your immunity from getting compromised too.  

Rug Sanitization

Our rug sanitization service can put a full stop to the growth of allergens and germs at your Canterbury property. Because we have the best-in-the-industry, kid-friendly and pet-friendly sanitising solutions to kill allergens and germs on your rugs. So, help your rug get freed from all kinds of germs and allergens with our sanitization service.  

Rug Shampooing

We do rug shampooing with and without using a machine depending upon the level your rug got affected by accumulations in it. Therefore, first, call us for a rug inspection to get a clear idea if a machine is required to shampoo-clean the rug or not. Contact our regional rug cleaners for an inspection with the follow-up rug shampooing. 

Get Long-Lasting Results With Same-Day Rug Cleaning Service In Canterbury 

If you wish to make your rug look elegant, clean, fresh and bright for a longer period to come, hire us for a same-day rug cleaning service. Our rug-cleaning Canterbury experts have been specially trained so your rugs are in safe hands when you give them to us!