Rug Wash Caulfield

No.1 Rug Cleaning Professional Company In Caulfield 

Whether it is a rug in a residential place like a private home or commercial premises like a hotel, we deliver professional rug cleaning services. As Rons Rug Cleaning Melbourne promotes the hygiene and health of rugs, we use fabric-protecting cleaning solutions. Moreover, no matter the severity of the problem your rug is experiencing, we carry along our tools and equipment to resolve them. Also, we take the responsibility of improving the standards and air quality of your indoors. 

If you are ready to contact us at 03 6145 0135, you can avail of our services within 24 hours of slot bookings, despite the service. With our rug cleaning Caulfield team at your beck and call, you can avail of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual plans too. Although the charges for these plans change depending on various factors like affected areas of rugs, rug fabrics, etc., they are affordable. Our rug cleaning plans also include systematic cleaning with the best-in-the-industry tools, solutions and techniques! 

Our Variety Of Rug Cleaning Services For Better Hygiene & Health

Steam Cleaning

If your plush rug is attracting tons of dirt, debris, and dust particles with additional stains, your rug is in immediate need of steam cleaning. In fact, we also pre-inspect and pre-vacuum your rug using state-of-the-art equipment, noise-free machinery and tools. Moreover, our rug cleaning service is suitable for almost all kinds of rugs available in the market. 

Dry Cleaning

Do you plan to avail quarterly-basis rug dry cleaning service and keep reviving your rug to its healthier and hygienic condition? No better service than our rug dry cleaning service. From offering dry cleaning services annually to more frequent times like quarterly and monthly, our rug cleaners do everything. 

Odour Removal

Our rug cleaning Caulfield team is sure to impress you with our skills and experience in all kinds of unpleasant odours from your rugs. The entire experience we give for rug odour removal would give you the most satisfactory results and we would become your option in future too. Therefore, give your rug an entire experience of feeling fantastic and free from multiple odours. 

Mould Removal

Yes, mould is apparently not visible if it is white or greyish colours but this doesn’t mean you aren’t put under the threat of respiratory ailments. So, as soon as you notice your rug is emitting musty odours, it is time to count it as a sign of mould growth on the carpet. Fortunately, we have the best rug mould removal service to offer and that too at budget-friendly costs. 

Rug Sanitization

We have been sanitising a wide range of rugs for a couple of years now and gained experience on how to kill a particular type of microbe. With expertise in the rug cleaning industry, we ensure to protect your rugs from all kinds of allergens, increasing the rugs’ longevity. Thus, get our local team of rug cleaners to handle this business instead of yourself! 

Rug Shampooing

Upon booking us for rug shampooing, you find us to first conduct a thorough inspection with a follow-up vacuuming. Then, we stub your rug with shampoo solution and foam it with a shower head for effective cleaning. Moreover, we make sure to prevent the rug from shrinking and discolouration during our rug shampooing service. 

Hurry Up For The Highly-Rated Same-Day Rug Cleaning Service In Caulfield

Once your rug becomes a victim of stubborn stains, unpleasant odours and multiple growths of mould, your only solution is same-day cleaning service. Our rug cleaning Caulfield team is here for such a purpose and thus resolves all these problems of your rug in time. Despite the emergency for the same-day rug cleaning service, we treat your rug no less than the ones we clean regularly.