Rug Wash Richmond

Regain The Shine With The Best Rug Cleaning Services In Richmond 

Rons Rug Cleaning Melbourne has competent, consistent and compassionate cleaners to dispatch to offer rug cleaning services. Every Richmond resident that reaches out to us has received A+ services and they didn’t even need to worry about cost aspects. Firstly, we charge reasonably and the second thing is we maintain complete transparency. This is one of the reasons for our company’s success in the Rug Cleaning Richmond industry for years now. 

If you are worried about mould patches on your rugs and unpleasant odours coming from them, rest assured to call us. We not only remove stains from your rugs but also a wide range of mould and odours while ensuring the results are effective. Moreover, a few of our rug cleaners hold IICRC certification and these act as some of our core specialists upon taking projects. Therefore, if you want to know details about our reputation, experience and services, feel free to contact us at 03 6145 0135.

Our Professional & Effective Rug Cleaning Services In Richmond 

Steam Cleaning

The longer you use your rug, the further it gets accumulated with stains, bodily oils, dirt, grease, pollen, dirt and dust particles. Therefore, do get your rug cleaned on a routine basis by availing of our rug steam cleaning service as it gets rid of everything mentioned above at once. Feel free to ask for more details about our steam cleaning service.  

Dry Cleaning

If your choice is “very low moisture” or “no moisture” for your rug cleaning, our rug dry cleaning service meets your requirements. It is the best solution you are in search of to get rid of sand, stains, grit, dirt and allergens from within the rug fibres. So, stop with the DIY hacks and tricks to get your rug professionally cleaned at our hands. 

Odour Removal

There is no better alternative than our professional rug odour removal service to make your rug smell as good as a newly bought one. Because our rug cleaning Richmond professionals have the best odour removal agents and deodorizers, making your rugs smell pleasant. If you want this for your rugs, ping us at this moment.  

Mould Removal

Mould is the exact opposite of what it looks like as it triggers respiratory ailments in many and sometimes makes scenarios severe. So, be it summer, winter, fall or spring, do not neglect the presence of mould and avail of our rug mould removal service. And prevent the problems that mould is going to trigger in your home. 

Rug Sanitization

Yes, everyone deserves a healthier home and this can be achieved with the first step of getting your rug sanitised as soon as possible. As we carry the rug sanitization service without the use of harsh and harmless chemicals, it is safe for both rugs and people around it. All you have to do is wait 10 minutes after our rug sanitization to reuse your rug. 

Rug Shampooing

You are in the right direction if you feel professional rug shampooing is better than any DIY hack and this is the truth if you want desirable results. Therefore, hire our rug cleaners for rug shampooing service and make your desire of “regaining the pristine look of the rug” into reality. We are it for your rug shampooing! 

Find The Best Team For Same-Day Rug Cleaning Service In Richmond 

Today, we are one of the “most chosen” companies for same-day rug cleaning in Richmond for many reasons. Find your local rug cleaners, offering in-time service & using fabric-protecting cleaning agents at budget-friendly costs.